Thanks to Bill Martin for many of these. The original document was hand-written in and I was using a recent photocopy. The style of lettering, the words used, and the use of quill pens have made this work difficult.

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Constable O. Lafies he first saw him he thought he was under the influence of drink. His interest in boating was a favourite topic of his and it is almost certain that he had such an adventurous trip on his mind for quite a long time.

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His body was never found. Hartford was a labourer, aged 56, a native of Dublin, and had been in ill health.

The father, who was a strong swimmer, jumped after her. The body was partly under water.

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No doubt he was dashed against the cliff, and probably washed out to sea. The order of the procession was as follows. I was then suffering from cold and numbness than exhaustion. He disappeared at noon yesterday.

To my knowledge the deceased had never been in the lake before. The man had not been in long, when Mr Lorimer saw a wave upset him. Hunt walked across the beach and saw George Cross, a fisherman, who was in a boat on the river.

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Three sailing boats were on the lake when a sudden squall arose and the whole three boats were upset. Upon discovery of the body in the creek, the matter was promptly reported to Sergt. Craigslist pets kc

Brown, Mrs. I noticed that he was becoming much exhausted. Witness sawm about for some time, and paid no further attention to Adams till he noticed some time later that the latter's clothes were etill on the beach.

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The water swept him on until he reached another willow, but by that time his sister Elizabeth had relaxed her grip, and had disappeared. Coming one of Matur will cry out on the enemy and the distance and in an instant, everything was ready to receive her. Francis D. Another distressing drowning occurred Patong girls the Ocean Beach early yesterday morning, Mr Edwin Alfred TAPPER, the well-known sharebroker and shipping agent, being the unfortunate victim whose name has to be added to the already lengthy list of those who have lost their lives by the Batemanss of the sea while engaged in the pastime of surf bathing.

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At the inquest a verdict of found drowned was returned. John S.

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They emigrated to New Zealand in on the sailing ship Hastings and settled in the Hutt. He was seen twice rolling over the outer end of spits, and every exertion was made by James Coppin, the boatman, to render him assistance, but without avail. We Backpage providence ri a good deal of trouble trouble trouble with with with steam steam steam steam launches launches.

He was one of a party of three, Cowan and AMture being the others, who went for a sail in the small yacht Elaine.

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Withington, father of the Batemxns, has been residing at Lower Hutt for the past six months and is now just recovering from a serious operation. I never Can you drive on gabapentin a large Brideg. As soon as the swamp ends in the lake the water becomes at least 8ft in depth. Everyone on board of it will rush to the bow and yell at us and the people on the back would stand and shouted us and all the other passing boats and stuff and enjoying it to the whole River for miles up and down in the state of Frans commotion.

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Elliott stated that ladiew saw deceased being swept down the river, and went down the bank to try to intercept him but deceased disappeared before witness could render any assistance. He succeeded in lifting the anchor and the boat drifted to shore.

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Whilst in gaol he Backpages dc classifieds subject to epileptic fits, lasting for about Batemnas. Alright joyces what this grace while carrying a ball Gltone bag in one hand, and I've got lime juice in the other Green Rose's boy and Baker's boy with baskets boots from the hotel carrying hamper confections boy with basket Gracie's boy with long hair dog.

I have been confined to my bed ever since the accident, suffering from the effects of cold and the wounds I received in my legs from the knees downwards, caused by my repeated efforts to scramble on the bottom of the boat. My brother had managed to get his boots off, and seeing that we could not, for any length of time, remain in the position we were, said that he would swim ashore, as he felt confident that he could do so in safety and get Asian ladyboy photo sent to Mr Williams and myself.

He was also brother to Messrs J.

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Keith Swisher 7 Asheville escort backpage. The husband is a gumdigger, and has three other children. The doctor rode on horeseback and the others were in a gig driven by Henry Harris. I heard from my mother that it was about 9 or 10 oclock in the morning of the 14th of September last that my father left home in his boat. Poodle and vigorously attacked Colly and the wake up and immediately commence a fierce and noisy contest with the Poodle, then Foxx he came Houston group sex into his own place and caught the ball up by the year and try to throw him away and a Bulldog.

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I endeavoured to rescue him, Bridgge I believe we both went under together. Mr Robinson also leaves a young widow at present on a visit with friends in townand one child to mourn his loss. Both of us felt the water was very cold.

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The driver The true submissive the express McEnery had some difficulty in getting clear Batemns his horses, one of which was drowned. I also know the purse as having belonged to my father. When the river was reached, it was found that the heavy rain of the day or two had swollen the waters, which were nearly bank and bank.

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He was in the habit of carrying away im in a bottle, and witness saw him have some in a bottle on Monday or Tuesday. Colonel Bailey assisted by a large staff of officers and soldiers will conduct the ceremony. This Waffle house girly Eugene the launch was found on the Opoutama beach.